.....inspiration comes when it comes.  It seems to come with I've busied my physical body with tasks that actually need little attention especially when it's something I've been doing for a while.  During one of those routine tasks this morning, my peeps (imagine I'm using my pointy finger and drawing a circle over my head) tell me that I have some splanin' (that's explaining in a more academic setting and btw way my IQ really is 155) to do about several things.  AND that I should keep you in the loop of the loopiness that is the magic of my world.  The way to arrange it at this point -- is to make points, so here goes:

The Troy Quilt Walk had to be officially cancelled.  I really could not get it off the ground this year.  Last year there was plenty of attention and momentum so creating that was not a problem.  It took a great deal of my time but what doesn't, right?  I'm not one of those do it half-assed kind of people but I'm also not a perfectionist.  I am just me.  Just one person with a big world of imagination.  The quilt walk failed to launch because there wasn't enough ground crew.  Lots of storefronts with their hands up but quilters were sitting on their quilts.  So, maybe next year OR maybe not.

So what is there to do quilt related in Troy in September?  The Mayflower Arts Center is once again hosting a mini in house quilt show.  Be sure to go check it out.  The Troy Museum has lovely antique quilts and table linens on display as well as the Overfield Museum both on the same block.

Have a super summer.....it's not over!

Stop by again...............I've got more news! 

dyeing a wee bit of wool,
phyllis meiring