It's time to SOAR baby!

Are you still riding high from the energy of Christmas?  I cannot feel my feet!  This year just seemed to breeze by as if I were riding on the back of a high flying dragon with a broken GPS.  It was energetic and fast with lots of things to see and as usual, lots of things to do.  How do you get through times like that?  I have learned to listen for the whispers of my own voice especially in a crowd of people during a black Friday sale.  That sweet honest voice said to exercise my color curating power and put together a toolbox to inspire you to SOAR; to discover creativity you didn't know you had.  A toolbox complete with color and fabrics and notions and words and a gift custom made each month from a different artist with a card sharing their story and a word just for you.  Every toolbox is different.  Each month, new tools, new inspiration, a new story, new discoveries.  This just may be what you have been looking for; click here for more information.
Opening my heart to share even more magic in 2018, phyllis meiring 
from in the Patch designs


I have lots to share with you in 2018 and this is just one of them. 
Thanks for signing up and have a wonder-filled creatively magic filled 2018 
and thanks for sharing it with me!
I have so much to share with you about what's coming up but for now....